3 miracles

I am feeling a little disappointed about the results. Felt that I have lost to fate. Something that I can’t control. Just a feeling of helplessness. Yet, yesterday something amazing happened.

1) Relationship with others
It was palm sunday mass. Very hot and packed mass. This grandma came to sit at my row in the middle of mass. She is really old. As she squeeze herself into our packed row, she tired really hard to make space for her helper. I really felt her love for her helper. I wonder how many people would consider making space for their helpers in a really crowded church. I was pretty amazed.

2) Kindness
Very hot and packed mass as we squeeze in the heat. A lady gave up her seat from my row. OH BLESS HER SOUL. In a totally packed church and she gave up her seat so the rest of us could sit comfortable. I am really touched by her kindness.

3) Faith
As the priest exit the church at the end of mass, the lady touched the cloak of the priest. YES! Just like the bible passage. For a rational person like me, how would touching a cloak change anything in life? It doesn’t make sense. Yet, she has a expression of great believe. Of great faith.


For me, no point harping on the things of the past. Especially on the tings that I can’t control and focus on the things that I can. like
1) Relationship with others
2) Kindness
3) Faith


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