Merchant of Venice

I have been busy with the tech for merchant of venice (shakerspear in the park). I am really blessed to be working with this cast. I have seen the cast in cast (foot brace) & yet doing their best in their acting. As a fellow artist, I admire and salute to their passion and drive. 

Merchant of Venice is one of my favorite books. I couldn’t stand the melancholic R&J or darkness of Othello.  MOV has a beautiful charm. A story that highlights
. A love of a brother
. A wisdom of a father that hopes of love beyond outward appearance for his only daughter.
. A kind n witty portia that saves the day

My favorite actor is the guy that acted Shylock. He portrayed Shylock so well. As much as I dislike him for his decision of getting his pound of flesh, he brings out the certain truth.
1. Jews or Christian,  we have the same eyes, ears, dimensions. We response to the same feelings of pain, hunger, hate.

Why then racism?  Who are we to judge others – for we are neither smarter or better than our brothers. 

2. Judging based on action. 
Jessica (his daughter) hated the fact that he was a money lender. She left. And left with a part of his fortune and his precious ring, a symbol of love between Shylock and his wife.

Who should be so gravely judge? And on what action and what circumstances? 

Think before you speak.
Think clearly & objectively before you think.

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