Walking on water

Yesterday at mass, Father made an interesting point about Saint Peter walking on water. St Peter saw Jesus on the other side of the bank and walked towards him. As he walked, he began to be focused on walking and water. He was so focused that he began to freak out and started to sink. If Saint Peter had a glimpse of the future. If he had seen the works that he had done – healing and raising the dead – thru Jesus, WHAT IS WALKING ON WATER?

How many times have we been focused on the problem at end? If we could glimpse at the future, the version of us that has grown and changed, how would we have looked at that same set of problems? Problems in our lives are as fleeting as the joys in our lives. Friendship, family ties EVEN OUR LIVES are equally as fleeting. Only God is constant. He is there in past, present and future.


That homily brought me a lot of comfort, in this time of growth. It is hard trying to get a sense of things or even meaning in life and service. But if we acknowledge how fleeting everything is, with a little glimpse of the future – there is no problem too huge for us.

I wish you a little glimpse of the future.

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