Ageing gracefully.

I met with the director to talk sound scape for the new play that she is putting up. Interesting thing about the play is that is written close to 20 years ago in mandarin. The play she is directing is a translated version of Float House 1001.

The concept is interesting. Medical advances and etc have reached a point that doesn’t allow people to die. People don’t want to die either. They board this vessel, called Float House, until their natural time is up.

3 ladies all in their early 30’s talking about this topic about age gracefully. It far more than accepting there are wrinkles on our face. (We wanna age gracefully but just look at our anti-ageing products. Eer!). Ageing gracefully encompass LOSING – losing our health, losing lucidity of our mind. A Losing Fight!

I was reading the passage on “Parable of Wheat and Tares”. Good and Evil grow together until the day of harvest. We have both good and evil in us. A friend was sharing how bitter his grandmother was. His grandmother grew up as a bitter person, a lot of regret and issues she wasn’t able to let go.

Simple logic, if we are bitter as persons, we would probably be bitter old people. What we plant in our hearts, we reap at the end of the day. What have we planted in our hearts that will help us grow old/retire happily?


All the talks about saving money for retirement, who actually prepares us to age gracefully?


** a lot of which, easier said than done. It think grace of God is crucial to remain positive in this losing fight.

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