True Love

I’ve watched Maleficient over the weekend. I have been trying to put together my thoughts about it. It is a really beautiful movie about true love conquering the spells of darkness as Aurora rise from her sleep. Of which I read the different version of Sleeping Beauty

the original, original version – where king philip raped sleeping beauty and they had 2 kids. one of their kids dislodge the splinter on their mother’s finger. She awakens (Errr okay!)

the original disney version – love’s first kiss. She awakens 

to Maleficient’s version – the evil fairy was grew attached to Aurora as a parent. Finally, Maleficient felt sorry to have cursed her and gave her a kiss. She awakens. 


Finally, Disney gotten it right about love. Like Frozen and Maleficient, love transcends more than just boy-girl-relationship. Love also includes those between friends, siblings, parents, pets and toys (toy story). Yes, Disney finally gotten it right. 


Thinking deeper into that, why is digest a kiss from a parent as true love v.s. that of a lover? True love is unconditional love. In romantic love, it is hard to be unconditioned. There are too many aspect in romantic love – family life, personal growth, transactions going on (bills, finances), sexual relationship that comes together. It is hard to make every decision unconditionally or to love them as they truly are. Although in every wedding vow it has always been unconditional. For better or worst … – that is UNCONDITIONAL

(what did u get yourself into?)

In the case of parental love, you care of your child period. Most parents continue to love their child regardless of how or what they become, or whether their children love them. That is unconditional love of a parent.

Of course it is not impossible for romantic love to be true. It is just hard and it definitely takes a lot of effort and resolve to put the other person first. It definitely requires some divine help. Just for a second now, lift up a short prayer


Dear God, 
Thank you for the people that you have placed in our lives. It is hard to love unconditionally like you have. Teach us to be selfless and love the people around us as they truly are. To put their interest above mine. Amen



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