Is death the answer to life?

Hello there, 

I was just re-checking some sites and I realized that I haven’t post anything for 1 month plus. It has been too long. 

Death has been on my mind for a while now. Not that I have thoughts of dying but the idea of death as the answer to life? I had been working on a play that touches on life and death and the choice of taking one’s life – Euthanasia. 

The cast and creatives had an interesting point of view on that. If I had signs of dementia, I would choose to take my life. If I am no longer mobile, I will choose to take my life. Everyone seems to have a certain threshold to life. Hitting the minimum and I choose death. 

Listening to all these conversation, I still choose life. Not that I really want to live forever. But there is so much more to life than mental state or mobility. Would you advise a person who has lost their limps in an accident to take their lives? Most people wouldn’t. They will understand if that person would choose death. But most people will encourage the person to see life in a different aspect. 

Perhaps that’s how I feel about life. Just by living, there is hope. Even if we have lost all mental abilities, there are still moments of love. 
For the people who express love by taking care of you.
For moments of clarity in ‘buying flowers for mother’s day‘.

When there is life, there is hope. 

Do check out the article on the husband that lost his memory yet goes to buy flowers for his wife. 🙂 


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