and They Say!

So much has been said about the death of Robin Williams – Tributes and etc. All the lovely things that are said. Lives that were changes. A part of me wonder – Robin Williams is such a respectable man. From the tributes and letter of recommendation, he seems even bigger than life

Everyone love and ‘adore’ him for bring compassion and humanity to the people around. Then, how much respect do we show his family. His family hounded by press and bombarded by social media. In my heart a tingling sadness. Haven’t we learnt a single bit from him?


This is my little letter to Zelda.

my deepest condolences. Robin Williams is such an amazing guy. We have lost an amazing person. But you have lost a father. a role model. a family. And that loss can never be put in words. It is a pain as though something has been ripped out from your heart and taken away.

In my own dealing with loss (of my grandfathers), I believe that we will all be reunited in heaven. A huge party of family members finally being together. That sometimes consoles me – there will be a time for happiness. I hope that you would be able to find consolation in this time of grieve.

There is always a special relationship between family members. This bond of love/hate/annoy is unique. There will be people who don’t understand that and might judge you too harshly. There are people who never lived their lives under scrutiny, and they comment too soon. Forgive them anyway. Forgive them for their silliness and short-sightedness. Forgive them for they are also hurt as individuals.

I am not going to ask you to live well for your father or for any of his ideology. I don’t see a point in fulfilling someone else goal, (at the end of the day, you will be left in the same cold, dark room). INSTEAD, Be the person that you are meant to be.

Zelda. Be courageous. Defend the weak.
Be the best version of yourself.


With my deepest condolences,



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