dogs and thinking out of the box

I get that sort of expression when I tell people that I have a chihuahua.

“Why did you get such a small dog?”
“Did you ever sat on your dog before?”

The truth is, Chihuahua comes in different sizes, color and hair length. Say hello to MAY! A huge, long furred friend. Yes, she is big. Yes, she has long fur. Yes, she is a Chihuahua.



The views and ideas that we have are often directed by media, book or any source of information. They direct the way we think without truly understanding that, HEY, the information is skewed. Sometimes opening our minds to other information helps us to have a better picture.


Time to rediscover the things, people around you.

Time to get to know your family members, which you may think that you know all too well.

Time to discover the beauty around you.


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