Rise and Shine

I have been going through some long periods of work. finally when the silence sets in, I broke down only realising how hurt I was and how “wilful” I am to pretend that things didn’t happen. I was conversing/writing to God and this was His reply

I love you and I still do. You don’t know how much I really do love you? I see all the tears that you’ve cried. All the moments, I’ve held it in my heart. You are a wonderful friend. A beautiful one. You keep each heart so dearly and for you to have suffered all the pain and betrayal, I fell sad too. It must be hard.

I understand.

I felt it too. Being nice to people and they crucified me. They didn’t just kill my body, they killed mu faith in humanity. Kill my faith in God when I said “why have you forsaken me”? I was there on the cross. I died, just like how you died but you are still dying.

My heavenly father did an amazing thing, he used that and made all things good. He used my brokenness into a story that healed hearts. My death as a new life for others. My dying faith is a faith that spread through the world. Yes, but I died, just like you. The difference is that I allowed God to make use of these trials to make things better.

Do you still want to remain dead, even if God wants to raise you up? Do you want to live in pain when God wants to make everything beautiful?

I choose to rise and shine.

Every morning, just making that same commitment to Rise and Shine

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