Love is …

Today I had the chance to speak on mum on how I felt. I’ve always admire her strength in bringing all 5 of us up (dad is hardly around). She has a special closeness to God and faithful in her duties. Yet, she is probably the parent that hurt me the most in this situation … More Love is …

I am scared too.

I am blessed to catch up with my dearest MD. She is first trained music director in Singapore. So sort after that people started emailing her before she returned to Singapore. She was sharing with me, “I am scared too (when taking up new projects). As long as we are focus on the story, the … More I am scared too.

State your price

I just had lunch with my boss. We were talking about money and worth. Being an arranger, we price whatever we feel our value is. The million dollar question How much do you feel your arrangement is worth? I was honestly stumped by the question. A question that boils down to how much you think … More State your price

Courage to ask

I finally took the courage to ask why? Why my parents would love my sister so unconditionally – even her willful ways? And their love for me is often so lopsided. I wrangled an apology from him. That was the start of healing. A weight lifted from my shoulder. I can breathe. This is never … More Courage to ask

Parallel lines

I was just looking at my new curtains from ikea and admiring the lines. I’ve always like parallel lines. They give each other a lot of space. They seemed friendly. Yet, it is hard to get lines to be parallel. Just a slight deviation in angle, these lines will meet (eventually). They will crash into … More Parallel lines