Courage to ask

I finally took the courage to ask why? Why my parents would love my sister so unconditionally – even her willful ways? And their love for me is often so lopsided.

I wrangled an apology from him.

That was the start of healing. A weight lifted from my shoulder. I can breathe. This is never the end. This is the beginning – the beginning of forgiveness.

Healing is a process. It never ends.

I’ve been angry with my parents for a long time. But I’ve always tried to ignore how I felt. Answering always feel vulnerable to me – you never know what you might get as a reply. Let’s work within the constrain. Let’s try to compromise my life for the convenience of others. I never had the courage to ask, to clarify.

Today I embrace this courage to make a change in my life – courage to ask.

We could all make changes in the environment that we live in if we have courage to. Perhaps the change that we need is truly in us – be courageous. be sincere. be humble in asking. be empowered.

I am grateful to God for this moment to make peace with dad. Opportunities don’t come. Just as, Courage don’t come easy either. It takes special grace. I’m grateful for the Healer of Hearts.

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