One beautiful memory

Just in prayer, I remembered a particular event when I was 12 years old.

On the last day in my school, we had to pick up litter as part of community service. That happened to be my birthday. Honestly, it is definitely not the highlight of my life – picking up litter (just to top things up, I picked a used condom)

Great @.@

We had a deal. Dad was supposed to pick me after school to have lunch together. After all the hard work, I waited after school. Waited till all my friends left. Until the school gates closed. I stood there waiting. It would be no surprise if my dad forgot. He did drive off to work, forgetting to drop me off at school. Yet, I stood there waiting.

Waiting is truly a test of faith. The questions, the thoughts test our every brain cell to make a decision – continue or let go. Past history gives us that probability – continue to wait or to let go.

My beautiful memory – he came. Just the feeling of having someone by your side is really something worth being thankful about. That’s all that matters.

Just take a little moment to remember one beautiful memory stored in our hearts and to be thankful for the people ard us.

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