Love is …


Today I had the chance to speak on mum on how I felt. I’ve always admire her strength in bringing all 5 of us up (dad is hardly around). She has a special closeness to God and faithful in her duties. Yet, she is probably the parent that hurt me the most in this situation with my sister.

I shared with her how I felt – she often neglected my needs as a child. When it comes to my sister, I am never the most important. Countless of times she was upset when I didn’t help out in the house. It is one of the duties expected of me as the first born. The other siblings are exempted.

Her conclusion – it is all in my head. So, I asked her the hypothetical question,
“If I moved back, emily (my sister) still insist on sleeping on a Saturday afternoon and I need to work, where would you stand?”

And her reply – if you move back, where do you expect her to sleep. She needs to sleep. Her work is very important.

Life throws us many different answers. Some of which we like, some of which we don’t but both we should respect. I don’t think she understands what she just replied or the heartache it brings. But I do respect her decision.

That’s what love is

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