Stop that, Dad

I was complaining to my friend about my dad. Just after my dad was discharged, he went to the wet market in his slippers. To put it in context, the wet market is a supermarket with very wet floors. He went there in some lousy slippers just after a mild stroke. 

I am glad and thankful that his stroke is mild. But to repay this extended life with such a foolish act, I flipped. I was really angry. Stubbornness is in our DNA. 

I am complaining to my friend and the first thing she said was, 

He nearly died once. He probably wants to live his life as fully. And if going to the wet market does that for him. Go! 

I was a little ashamed. Such depth and wisdom from a  friend 10years younger than me. 

It is always hard to be a caretaker. And harder for a family who does whatever he/she wants. While I am protecting his life, dad is probably living. Just sometimes, the trade-off of living is life. 
It is certainly a new perspective. And perhaps comfort to all caretakers out there. 

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