Letter to my child

My child, 

Cry all you want. All you need. These tears are a form of healing. 

Did you see the sunrise? Did you see the chances that you have in your life that your friends didn’t have? I really care. I am looking out for you. 

I know you are hurting. On behalf of these people – my people – forgive them. They are my children. It hurts me when they hurt you. As a father, please forgive them. Forgive their unkindness towards your generosity. Forgive their harden hearts when you are hurting. Forgive them for disappointing you. Forgive them. 

Forgive yourself. 

Forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt. Forgive yourself for being stupid and kind. Forgive yourself for being giving and wanting the best for others. Forgive yourself for being yourself. 

My child, do you know how beautiful you are? You are kind, loving. You are compassionate and giving. You put others before you, even when your heart hurts. You are beautiful. These are strength and not weakness. 

My child, you are beautiful. You are worth every ounce of love that I have poured out for you. You are worth every moment of grace and blessing. I have great plans for you. Don’t give up on yourself. 

You are loved. 

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