Letter to the unicorn

To the unicorn, 

Maybe after the fog has lifted, things will be back to normal? Maybe by then, I wouldn’t be thinking of you. 

You are an amazing unicorn. You are just so wonderful to talk to, comfortable and fun to hang out with. I like your sincerity towards the people around you. I do like you. Just too bad that you can’t be my unicorn. 

I have always been harsh on people who reck other’s relationship. I don’t understand how they can just be so selfish to break something up for the sake of their own happiness. How can happiness be build upon the suffering of others? 

Now I do understand. 

The sort of unicorn that attracts you. The sort of feeling that you wish in your heart that he is yours. The sort of wishful-thinking that he is thinking of me too. I understanding that selfishness in loving someone. 

I choose to embrace the selflessness in love. My dearest unicorn, I wish you well. May your Happiness treasure you and treat you well. 

Be happy. 

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