Letter to a birthday girl 

Happy birthday, my friend. This is a little prayer for you. 

Dear Lord, 

Thank you for the gift of you. You have made her so beautiful and so much in your likeness. I am thankful to have known her during the time of need. 

Lord, thank you for giving her a heart that love all. She has a heart after you and constantly seeks your ways. She glued the band together with all the yummy cupcakes (and I have blueberry cupcakes baked specially for me). Lord, I’m thankful to have known a friend so generous and kind. 

I sincerely ask for your blessing for her. 

That she will always turn to you first in her life 

That she will always seek you in all that she does. 

That she will be the vessel of love to this world and to your people. 

That she will always remember that she is beautiful inside and out. 
— thank you for being you. 

Happy birthday 

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