I have a hero complex

I clearly have a hero complex. 

My cousin divorced and moved back to my grandma’s place recently. It’s awful situation, not because he is divorced but how he plays my relatives with his thumb. 

My cousin is unprincipled since young. He always test the boundaries of law and my relatives would bail him out. The amount of love and consideration they have for him is immense. He is the first grandson of the first son of the family. (Oh I hate being a sexism). 

When he was younger, he got into financial trouble, he sold his car to my uncle. However, my cousin continued to use it. Later, my cousin sold that car again (yes, he pocketed the amount). Now, he plays them by pretending to be depressed. When they are not around, he is just another happy-go-lucky person. 

The hero complex is an inherent desire to help others. It’s a compulsion to help make the world right. Yes, I want to make the world right – or just lead my relatives to reach “enlightenment”. 

It is tricky business. Although I have been highlighting certain discrepancies in these situations, my relatives continue to feel that I am sowing discord. My family (who understands the situation) are facing the pressure. Esp, my dad. After all, these are his siblings. 

Dad, I feel awful for you. 

And now, I am in a tricky situation. Can a doctor heal those who can’t be heal and doesn’t want to be healed? 

Can superman save those who doesn’t want to be save? What is the price of enlightenment worth paying? 


I am in the period of discovery and learning. Most of my post wouldn’t make sense or any conclusion. Yeah! Bear with me. 

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