Would you play a game, knowing that you will lose? 

I had an argument with my cousin. He emptied my detergent into his drinking cup, intending to use it as air freshener. His logic is that whose detergent it was. I totally understand. I am mad because he failed to ask anyone before using it. This lack of respect for the belonging of others is really clear. 

This and some other issues, like he trying to enter my room (female) in the middle of the night, drunk, has been causing quite a bit of issues. Yet, in these situations, I have never won – just because I am female. 

Being male and the first grandson has a lot of power in the Chinese culture. The first grandson is like a king, adored and glorified. Even if the situation goes beyond logic, my extended family continues to support him unconditionally. 

Sexism is a losing game. You know you have lost even before you are born. It is ingrained in all fibers as Asian. A frustrating situations as such makes me wonder if it is worth being in this game. 

I remember this line I told my BFF

“Our generation has lost the battle in sexism. But it doesn’t mean the next generation would not succeed in upholding equality. What we can do is help laid this path to success for them. Hopefully, this dream of equality would be realized sooner” 

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