Every new idea looks crazy at first

Plane rides have always been a really scary thing, yet, this time is a moment I take stock of my life and the journey for the past two years. I am certainly grateful for everything that has led till today. 

It started with a thought

Just like all ideas, it always sound crazy. I remember sharing with Ruth in the beginning of 2015 of my plans to study overseas. And then, nothing happened. It has been a dream of mine to study overseas. Life has been amazing fun and colourful to really take stock and plan for the future. We were busy with LKY, concerts after concerts. 

It remained an idea. A crazy idea. 
Things changed. Our company didn’t get a certain project that we were aiming to do. I was really dejected. I was really looking forward to the year end project. Perhaps a chance to hone my skills. The plan fell through. It was then that I decided “let’s try apply for some schools”, with the extra time I had. So I did. 

Let’s try

School application was intense. Every different school has a different application process. Now, I totally appreciate Singapore’s centralised school application process. On top of that, I lost my past projects in a hard disk meltdown. I had to arrange videos from scratch. With the tight deadline, it was stressful. Sending in application was like having a crush on someone and hoping that they will love you back (accept you). 
From then till now, so many things have happened. 

– I have received my first acceptance letter during Christmas Eve

– Applied for scholarships. Thank you Ruth, Juliet, Sharen, Jenny for writing these letter of recommendation. So sorry that I didn’t get any funding at the end. 

– Applied for visa 

– Spoke to so many angels who have given me tips on how they survived. Thank you! 

– Fought with SingPost for losing my original certificates 😭, which they found

– Fought with Citibank for not sending me my atm card after one month. 

– Survived flight and grossly overweight luggage  

– Survived finding housing in the middle of heat wave.

– And now, still fighting with citibank to have them send me a new card, after they accidentally canceled my atm card. (At some point, I’m going to put my money in a tin can, under my bed) 
And here I am.

In NY. 

I’m really grateful for all of you. 

For Ruth, Sharen, Juliet & Jenny, who have taken time to write my letter of recommendation. So sorry, I didn’t get any funding in the end ;(

For my music-making friends, thank you for being a source of encouragement to me. I look forward to more music making moments. 

For friends, who have encouraged me and given me tips to survive in NY. And, you who offered to fund me financially should things fail. Thank you 

For family, who have supported me silently and in the craziest way possible. 
For God, for making all of this possible. Some of you might know that I’m not a risk taker. (There were thousands of questions going thru my head just changing industry). I would not have guess that I would made it this far. God just made everything to bite size for me. 
Thank you! 
So, dear God, thank you for You. 

Thank you, also, for all these angels in my life. I have been blessed greatly because of the kindness, encouragement and unwavering support of all of you. Thank you! 

Bless these friends that I leave behind. Keep them safe in your presence. Bless them with happiness, joy and fulfilment in life. And one day, when we meet again, that I will be, too, a blessing to them. 

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