The American fridge 

One of the most fascinating thing in America is the fridge – the amount of food in the fridge. Opening up the fridge at my aunt’s place makes me happy. There is waffles, pancakes, bacon to sauces of different kind. It’s like a supermarket compressed into one grey, magical box that dispense ice. Not that in Singapore, we do not have fridges. We definitely do not have fridges that are packed to the brim. 

Living on my own, I noticed how my fridge is slowly turning into a typical American fridge. I went “wow, where did all these food come from?” I have no idea. 

Location and approximity

Largely why we hore food is maybe due to fear. Supermarket is too far, we might not get to come by again – fear. We might not get our Favourite food the next time we come – fear. Or simply, the weather is bad, and we don’t want to get out of our houses. Hence, we store food. We buy food in bulk and in excess. 

We don’t need it. 
Supermarket traps

One of the reasons is that there are so many different varieties of snacks, chips, food in just one supermarket. My favourite end of the day activity is to go to the supermarket and walk around (and buy something). As consumers, we are definitely spoil for choice. Why choice buy them all! Only to return home to 2half eaten packets of chips and another unopened sitting there since the last purchase, which is two days ago. 
We set traps for ourselves as much as how our culture enslaves us to fear and and “while stock last”. If we take stock of our lives (come out with a list of things to buy), we might not need all these food. 
Pat on the back if you put the pack of chips back. 


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