My Journey

I’m, a banker-turned-arranger-songwriter, who constantly falls in love with music. Music has been a part of my life at a young age, singing in the church choir. While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Business Management in Singapore Management University, I was inspired by a close friend to play the keyboards in church band. That was the start of my musical journey.

I picked up pop piano and violin and has been playing in the church band since the age of 18. Playing at such live sessions and being a bandleader have helped develop this keen interest in arranging music and song writing.

The movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, was the pivoting factor in my pursuit in music. Every chord, note or sound has such an important role. Music brings the movie alive. That was when I began to explore the possibility of a career in music. Almost three years into my job in the stock exchange, I left my job to pursue my dream.

A Dream that
Every song that I arrange brings out that special feel
Every song that I write brings out words unspoken, feelings hidden in the depths of hearts.
Every music created inspires love and a freedom to feel, express and to be oneself.

~Madeleine Tan


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