Quick Quotes

Some Quotes that I love. May it INSPIRE you. 

Life is a journey. Music is a friend that walks with you

If Good and Perfect are subjective.
Then, what is objective?
My thoughts, Sincerity.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?
If you do hear that melody, YOUR THEME SONG, just one moment there,
write it.
chart it.
arrange it.
mix it. … most importantly, share it.

Wisdom of a taxi driver. 
If you know the way, then I don’t. 
If you don’t know the way, then I do.

What are we fighting for? Answer is clear.
If we have to fight, fight for justice. fight for lasting peace. Not the temporary peace that we achieve by killing a brother, only to find his son coming to claim our lives.
Who do we fight? Fight ourselves, fight self-pity, fight self-doubt
How do we fight? Fight to be the most loving person. Compete to do good.



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