Gift of healing

I have been thinking what to get for myself this birthday. Thanks to the ang bao from my sister. Everyday for a month, I have been going through in my head – sushi, that red coat, broadway tickets. But the best birthday present of all was the opportunity to cut of ties to an abusive … More Gift of healing

Letters to someone 

I have been toying with this idea – writing this “letter” to someone. Not too sure where it will lead, I am sure He knows.  I do hope that it will bring a certain closure and healing to myself and anyone who reads it. 

Parallel lines

I was just looking at my new curtains from ikea and admiring the lines. I’ve always like parallel lines. They give each other a lot of space. They seemed friendly. Yet, it is hard to get lines to be parallel. Just a slight deviation in angle, these lines will meet (eventually). They will crash into … More Parallel lines