“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

― Toni Morrison, Beloved

The album is a short compilation of some of my music I have worked on from 2012-2013. A big thank you to all my friends and family who have supported me. Just being who you are, is a blessing to me. Thank you.

1. Spring
2. Bittersweet
4. The King

Released 18 December 2013
Music and Arrangements: M’Leine.

With special thanks to
Jonathon Chan for Mixing and Mastering, Spring
Sin Sek Jhia for Mixing, The King


Spring is inspired by the Shire theme from Lord of the Rings. I had a LOTR movie marathon with my family early 2013. This is song was born from then. 

Born from simple happiness, when you receive a treat when you are child or simply enjoying the flowers by the roadside. 

Stepping into Spring 
Stepping into hope 
Stepping into simple happiness

Mixing and Mastering by Jonathon Chan


After writing my recent post on September 11, I decided to write “A Bittersweet September”. In the midst of scoring and arranging it, my grandfather died. On the last night of the wake, my grandmother said to me,” When tomorrow comes, this (casket) will be but an empty space.” 

This song is really close to my heart. The struggles of love, especially when loving is letting go. Bittersweet. 


Be loved, my beloved” 

I was tinkering on keys when I started with first 2 bars of the melody. I closed my eyes as I pictured the “La Mairee” by Marc Chagall. A yearning that is lost.

The King

I was on a trip in Chang Mai and decided to watch a movie. Before the movie started, movie-goers stood up and started to sing their national anthem. I was really amazed. 

Much later did I realize the people’s love for their King. A king who saw how planting opium is destroying his people. He started initiative for farmers to plant flowers instead. The King that people loved and respect.


with video of Nelson Mandela
Video by PBS Newshour
Mixing by Sin Sek Jhia

The album, BeLOVED, is available digitally at itunes and bandcamp.

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Playlist of the BeLOVED


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